We have consistently ranked high in the top 10 Best SMEs IT Companies survey for two consecutive years.
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Digital Transformation let you get a team of qualified experts for the project with a complete range of services
Web Development let you find optimal technical solutions for your web portals in your own system
Mobile Development let you grow your business with high quality iOS and Android native applications
Offshore Development let you hire more highly qualified employees to enhance costs and risks

Making the journey

Where your journey to digital transformation seems intimidating, we can help. Our team are always at your service to assist you in consultant, implementation, integration and support.
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TOP 6 Vietnam Best IT Companies 2023 by itviec

Nexlab Technology has consistently ranked high in the top 10 Best SMEs IT Companies survey for two years in a row (2022, 2023). Our company is recognized as one of the companies with exceptional culture, benefits, working environment, managed care, and training in the fast-paced IT industry, as attested by over 18,000 reviews from IT employees on ITviec - one of the Best IT Job Recruitment Site in Vietnam.
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TOP 4 Vietnam Best IT Companies 2022 by itviec

Overcoming the challenges of working remotely during the pandemic, Nexlab has ranked 4th in the “Top 15 Vietnam Best IT Companies 2022” survey, based on 16,000+ reviews submitted by IT people on itviec – one of the Best IT JobRecruitment Site in Vietnam.
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Partnership with Hasura Inc.

We moved to use Hasura primarily to be able to deliver projects within a tight timeline and deliver complex enterprise applications confidently. In 1 year, we has made Hasura an essential part of our stack & has observed a 50% reduction in the development cost and the ability to confidently deliver within timelines.
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An Eco-system for Daikin Vietnam

Daikin Vietnam worked with us on a project to modernize their legacy technology stack. Alongside their management team, we help breathe life to a super ecosystem which ensures operation need and also acts as an on-demand aggregator serving end-users.
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Meet the outstanding clients of ours


The 4 business platforms


Digital Workspace for Business

Nexlab Technology in variably pursues the goal of bringing the highest benefits to our clients, so we have built XCore - A comprehensive digital space for businesses, where all the applications that business customers need are integrated on a single platform.

X-Core Digital Platform is dynamicallydeveloped with a choice of customization and unlimited scalability. X-Core offers optional packages that cater to the individual desires of each business. We are committed to accompanying and bringing the greatest value to our clients.
Nexlab phr

Telehealth Platform

With many years of experience in building technology solutions within the health sector, Nexlab Technology has developed the Nexlab PHRplatform - Smart Health for every Vietnamese family. This is an all inclusive telehealth care platform with a medical record system, electronic health records and consultation,monitoring, care, and smart online medical appointment booking, connecting with leading medical facilities.

In the context that the Telehealth model (Telehealth Services) will keep exploding according to the trend of digital transformation, Nexlab PHR with a modern technology system will assist businesses, medical facilities, and hospitals to easily digitize effectively, helping the professional team to save time and resources.

E-Commerce Services Platform

For customers who are aiming at online retail business or seeking for all-in-one e-commerce solution for businesses and organizations, we provide a comprehensive solution package for e-commerce platform management with N-Commerce products.

N-Commerce product solution from us includes mobile applications and websites for end users, as well as system administration websites for operators. For the needs of managing branches, products, warehouses, orders, promotions, transactions, we provide a variety of customization options depending on the unique requirements of our customers.

On-demand Services System

We introduced a package solution formulti-industry service platform management which benefits enterprises and corporations in the business industry in need of digital transforming and operating a service order management platform such as cosmetology, housework, repair, and construction.

Our N-Service solution provides avariety of accessibility options including mobile applications, websites for customers as well as a multifunction admin page for businesses and organizations. Managing services, costs, personnel, customers... with flexible settings and diverse deployment options are all available. Like other platform product solutions, we always provide optimal options according to the needs of our customers.

What we build for business

We help them design & build & deliver innovative products
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services & Solutions

Various options for your business

We appreciate the valuable experience, knowledge and deep understanding on the markets we have accumulated.

Digital Transformation

Offering flexible solution packages to fit their size, goals, and nature so asto bring the highest quality service, minimize the project implementation cost andtime for customers

Software Developement

Possessing a team of experts with great expertise & experience in working with many types of projects, we offer 4 following service packages of software development to clients


Incorporating information technology solutions in healthcare services is an essential part of the Industry and strategies  to build a modern Health System.


Applying technology in teaching and classroom management is gaining popularity and becoming an advantage for educational institutions in evaluation.


Technology platforms and solutions play an important role in keeping e-commerce operators and their suppliers in Vietnam achieving steady growth in years.


Fast technology advancing has led to the birth of service booking platforms that help enterprises promote their business processes and customer services.


Fintech helps solve the inefficiencies of traditional financial products and services, which are limited and complicated transaction processes and procedures.

Social Network

Technology development and social media growth are inextricably linked. Social networking sites from web-based to hybrid (web and mobile) to pure mobile apps.

Mobile Applications

We work on the latest technologies from Mobile to help our clients tomeet these challenges and improve their overall business by utilizing thebest of mobile technology.
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Our techstacks with multiple expertises

We applies the latest approaches that allow us to create and scale excellent products for our partners from the ground up.

System & Platform

- Amazon Web Services
- Google Cloud Platform
- Microsoft Azure Services
- Viettel Cloud Services
- Docker Container
- Kubernetes
- Artificial Inteligence
- Machine Learning
- Blockchain/NFT
- Media Streaming

Backend Development

- NodeJS
- Go Lang
- Python
- Java
- MongoDB
- PostgreSQL
- GraphQL
- Hasura
- NET/SQL Server+ .NET Core

Frontend Development

- ReactJS
- AngularJS
- VueJS
- Ionic
- Progressive Web App
- HTML/CSS/Javascript

Mobile Development

- Android Native
- iOS Native
- React Native
- Flutter
- Xamarin

UI/UX Design

- User Interface Design
- User Experience Research
- Sketch
- Figma
- Abstract
- Zeplin

What business leaders say

Without you, we couldn't each our best version. We deeply appreciate all feedbacks to improve the quality of our services!

Nexlab is a great partner for Hasura

“What started as a way to win a client with a tight timeline has now become a business differentiator for Nexlab”
COO & Co-founder @Hasura

Upgrading the management system

“Nexlab provides a model for managing the internal system of the company, digitizing the management of human resources, orders, notifications, and close inter-departmental linkage"
Tran Cong Chinh
Director @Khataco

An amazing place to work & thrive

“Nexlab has an extremely clear training roadmap to encourage employees to constantly learn and improve skills through training courses”
Chris Harvey
CEO & Co-Founder @ITviec

We love your offshore service

“Nexlab has provided us some great talents with expertise that we need so much. Now those people are important part of our technical team which is wonderful”
Alexander Felber
CEO @Vetera GmbH

Nexlab is a professional partner

“We always need a partner with deep understanding of business and technology strategy in the process of digital transformation”
Hong Ting Wong
CEO @Care

We saved huge when product launched

“The internal management system developed by Nexlab has helped us to have a complete and centralized digitization model, thereby improving efficiency, increasing profits, and reducing paperwork”
Nguyen Tan Phong
President & Chief Executive Officer @CII E&C

A complete ERP for DIVA Beauty salon chain

“Nexlab provides a model for managing the company's internal system, digitizing the HR management process, orders, promotions, announcements, and close inter-departmental linkage. This is a big step forward compared to the previous traditional management process.”
Le The Hai
CEP @DVA Group

High-quality service with an experienced technical team

“They successfully develop applications on both Android and iOS platforms for us.”
Min Liang Tan
CEO @Razer

In Nexlab we trust

“Nexlab's successful digital transformation for the whole Daikin Vietnam ecosystem is a good premise and case study for Daikin global in digitizing business, replacing all traditional tools, apps.”
Hideaki Furihata
Department Manager @Daikin Global Operation Divisions

Nexlab helps breathe life into a super ecosystem

“Nexlab builds a complete digitized model of the entire Daikin Vietnam ecosystem, centrally managed for all departments."
Ly Thi Phuong Trang
General Director @Daikin Vietnam

Our leadership team

We've been delivered many successfull projects. In order to doing so, we gathered experts from various domains.

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