FE HR Portal

FE HR Portal

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FE CREDIT is the market leader in the consumer finance industry in Vietnam. With more than 20,000 employees, FE Credit needs a good Human Resource Management solution and we were trusted by them to do that.

FE CreditChallenges

  • FE Credit needs to recruit up to 4000 employees/ month, current team has more than 20,000 employees
  • A centralized management system for passing candidates' data
  • The need to digitize lots of data from candidates
  • Many labels need to be divided, 1000 titles and hundreds of branches
  • Demand for data entry automation and file classification
  • Build a social network to connect and manage more than 20,000 employees
  • Build a large-scale data collection and information extraction system
  • Application system for employees, managers


  • Build a transparent digitalization system to manage candidate profiles
  • Build a bot system to automatically input data, classify records, generate contracts
  • Build a portal to support candidates submit their docs online to lessen the work of the HR team
  • Carry out media campaigns, events to enhance internal interaction and proactiveness of employees
  • Build automatic attendance system
  • Create social network like Facebook, Twitter with features: Post, comment, create events,...

Web Portal

Candidates and HR staffs can both input data and sync in system:

  • Candidates input and submit datas online
  • HR team use those information from candidates to update status, manage profiles, and generate all necessary docs automatically.

Mobile Applications

We do not implement Mobile Apps for HR Apps

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