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WOW is an application that allows users (customers) to connect more easily with professional, dedicated domestic helpers, electricians, and plumbers from WOW.


  • There are not many digital platforms to connect contractors and customers in the market
  • Solve the problem of utility service needs for households/ companies of customers in big cities
  • Expand access to individual customers of small and medium-sized construction contractors
  • Create a business model that can be scaled across the country
  • Complete a digital product to solve the market problem at a reasonable cost


  • Successfully launch WOW products for some markets in Hanoi, Da Nang, ...
  • Attract hundreds of contractors at major components in Vietnam
  • Successfully connect thousands of orders for customers in need
  • Successfully build an end-to-end order management system, connecting contractors and customers
  • Build a flexible service package management mechanism for contractors at a reasonable cost
  • Offer a wide selection, from mobile apps to web apps for both contractors and customers
  • Improve profit efficiency, service quality

Web Portal

Internal operating and system management page for WOW with a unified software platform and standardized data:

  • Users management
  • Customers management
  • Contractors management
  • Orders management
  • Service
  • Payment
  • Promotions
  • News
  • System

Mobile Applications

App includes mobile application and web application for customers:

  • Account management
  • Contractors search
  • Service orders booking
  • Orders management
  • Payments management
  • News and promotions

App includes mobile application and web application for contractors:

  • Account management
  • Service orders booking
  • Orders management
  • Payments management
  • Service package management
  • Employee management
  • News and promotions

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