Spam Policy

This page documents Nexlab's policy on spam as relates to its mailing lists and other email addresses

Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE) is strictly forbidden

Our definition of spam is any form of Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE). Unless it is specifically related to Nexlab's work in some way it is not welcome at our site. It need not be commercial: political, religious, or even academic topics are unwelcome if off-topic or bulk-posted.

This policy applies to all of Nexlab's systems, including mailing lists and personal e-mail addresses as well as blogs, wikis and issue tracking systems.

CfPs and announcements

Each of Nexlab's mailing lists has a specific topic or purpose, as noted on the archive's cover page. Subscribers to these lists and other members of our community are generally authorized to post directly to these lists without having their messages reviewed or moderated. We trust the members of our community to post responsibly, and in rare cases, we will ask people to modify their behavior.

Many of our lists allow participation from members of the public as well. Posts from people who are not members of our existing community are moderated manually, to prevent spam from being distributed to our lists. We welcome comments and feedback from the general public (subject to the policy of the list in question), but this capability is not intended to allow people to send bulk announcements of conferences or workshops, even if somewhat related to Nexlab work.

Different lists may have different policies but unless otherwise noted on the archive's cover page you should assume that such messages are not welcome on our lists.

We may allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis, depending on the post and the nature of the list. To increase the chance of your message being delivered to one of our lists, it should be sent to a single list and explicitly mention why it is of interest to the members of the list. Sending bulk announcements with generic text and cross-posting to multiple lists at once is a sure way to have your messages rejected, and possibly be banned from posting to our site in the future.