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March 17, 2023
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The Importance of Technology in Business

Technology in business is a growing asset. The business world requires more technologies to compete in a global landscape. With a big impact on business operations, digitalization helps to drive growth, improve capacity, optimize operation, manage inventory, record financial record-keeping, …, which leads to increased revenue. Without it, companies would almost certainly fail to accomplish all that there is to do.

  • Technology increases the efficiency of business communication
  • Technology allows opportunities to optimize management and production
  • Technology helps to reduce, eliminate duplications, errors, and delays in the workflow, as well as help you speed up by automating specific tasks
  • Technology helps us to keep important data safe and less exposed to vulnerabilities
  • Technology in business made it possible to have a wider reach in the global market.

With so many great benefits mentioned, we can say that technology has literally changed every aspect of the way businesses operate in a fast-paced environment. How your business keeps up with changing technology trends is the answer Nexlab can provide. The answer is not reformulating the foundation of your business, but understanding the effect of technology on your organization, then taking advantage of it.

Why us?

Where your journey to digital transformation seems intimidating, we can help. Since 2013, our passion has turned ideas into impactful products. With a startup mindset, Nexlab is capable of delivering leading-edge technologies in less time yet within budget.

Our services

Product Design & Development

We cover the full lifecycle of application and software development. We maintain in-house competence and training centres and apply new technologies and innovations. Our processes are constantly revised to embrace world-class, state-of-the-art techniques with assured quality and timely delivery

Minimum Viable Product

If you just need some basic features for your product, we also know very clearly the three Key Characteristics of a Minimum Viable Product and we can provide you the best of it

Product Consulting Service

We have a customer-centric approach, we provide a holistic and complete solution through consultancy.

Offshore Design & Development

We also have experience in offshore development service after working with big clients from Singapore, China, UK,…

Operation & Maintenance Services

We have good operation & maintenance services. Our developers are always ready to visit client locations for better support

Specialized Consulting Services & Customized Software

We have diverse and flexible engagement models, strong expertise in sectors such as B2C, Banking & Finance, E-Commerce, HRM, Government, Healthcare, Education, to name a few

What set us apart  

  • Our software engineers comprise multi-talented software professionals with a tremendous passion for building comprehensive business solutions on the latest technologies
  • We strive for excellence and when human touch meets with technology, the results are excellent
  • We provide outstanding technologies and solutions with significant cost advantages
  • We make a strong commitment to security and privacy. We have a clear NDA policy to make sure our clients’ privacy is well protected
  • We offer transparent access to our technical expertise. We are ready for 3rd party’s audits
  • In Nexlab, we treat each person with respect. All social welfare are well provided for our people

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