Nexlab Work Culture

July 20, 2021
2 mins read

Knowing how important work culture is in extracting the best out of our people and making them stick to Nexlab for a long duration, we always provide our staff a friendly, positive work environment so they can concentrate on their work but still have fun.

In Nexlab, we have employee-friendly policies and practical guidelines. The first priority that comes up to our mind when we set up rules and regulations is to benefit the employees. All the staff are happy to follow the organization’s rules and regulations and adhere to the existing guidelines, without any reluctance, because we know how to make it not so strict, and they also acknowledge that we have always wanted to offer them the best. Once the staff is satisfied, their productivity increases rapidly.

Each and everyone of the staff shows respect to their fellow workers in work time and treat each other like close friends outside working hours, they hang out, have fun, play games,... Our CEO and manager lines treat everyone fairly. We have amazing and sophisticated team leaders, they are the source of inspiration for all team members. They are very willing to provide a sense of direction to the members and guide them whenever needed.

We have weekly internal meetings where everyone can raise their own opinion to help build up the company. All the top performers are highly appreciated and get praised for their contribution, and people who have not performed well can also have a chance to improve. Daily standup meetings are also time for all team members to discuss issues and come up with the best solutions. Presentations are made frequently for technical sharing, life skills sharing.

In Nexlab, we work hard, and play hard. We have a lot of activities, weekly team buildings, yearly company trips, monthly events for staff, to enhance teamwork and entertain people after a long working day.

Having a healthy workplace culture creates a positive, prestigious reputation for Nexlab. We are proud to provide an enjoyable work environment for our staff.

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