Overcoming the challenges of working remotely during the pandemic, Nexlab has ranked 4th in the “Top 15 Vietnam Best IT Companies 2022” survey, based on 16,000+ reviews submitted by IT people on ITviec – one of the Best IT JobRecruitment Site in Vietnam.

This list is ranked based on the “Developer Happiness” index that the main criteria are as follows: salary and benefits, training and learning opportunities, management and attention to employees, company culture, office, and workspace. Nexlab has achieved a score of 4.8/5 in the overall rating of employee reviews in which the “training and learning” criterion has the highest score.

This award has come from Nexlab’s effort to create an amazing place to work where employees have a foundation for their professional development. In Nexlab, developers are all abreast of the times, they can use various technologies, open-source frameworks, libraries, and tools to deliver stacks that are scalable, secure, and provide unbeatable user-oriented features. Thus, Nexlab people can be supported by all of their varying needs and contribute to the success of the company.

Furthermore, Nexlab has an extremely clear training roadmap to encourage employees to constantly learn and improve skills through technical knowledge sharing sessions and soft skills training courses. Besides, Nexlab develops unlimited potential in the career paths for staff, encouraging and inspiring them to try their best to reach their goals and break their own limits.

With a start-up spirit, Nexlab members are provided a positive workplace culture that helps overcome challenges, supports colleagues, and celebrates wins. It has helped them build meaningful relationships and create a cohesive environment. Management capacity also is one of the main factors creating a happy working environment at Nexlab. Each of the staff members is being cared for and oriented towards career development by their mentors.

“Nexlab has a youthful dynamic work environment with friendly and professional people. Here is a place that always applies new technologies and solutions. It helped us comfortably learn and use in practical application” – shared from top of reviews about Nexlab on ITviec.

Moreover, an open space office with fully equipped facilities, allocating modern working devices, health insurance policy, relaxing activities such as Happy Hour, team building, mini-games, sports,... are strategies that are effectively applied to create a comfortable working atmosphere at Nexlab.

With the context of Covid-19 is still very complicated, optimizing the efficiency of working at home is also an important factor for Nexlab’s staff in recent years. Nexlab had many periodical online activities to connect employees together, take care of their health throughout the pandemic, and supported devices, networks, platforms to ensure both work progress and condition for them to work flexibly.

The centerpiece of a successful business is provided by its leadership’s direction and vision. Nexlab’s team consists of ingenious, sophisticated, and seasoned management and technical professionals with the passion to turn ideas into impactful products. So, Nexlab will be a highly promising place for young people to challenge themselves, personally and professionally developing, and to realize their ambitions together with the company’s success.

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