Daikin is one of the leading air conditioner brands in the world, and in Vietnam, Daikin Vietnam has continuously led in both sales and work environment rankings for many years.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic spreading worldwide, causing many difficulties and challenges for domestic and foreign businesses, Daikin still stands firm in the Vietnam air conditioning market, maintaining an estimated revenue of VND 12,000 billion.‍To solve the difficult problem named Covid-19, the leadership of Daikin Vietnam has used a new method to approach customers, deciding to promote and strengthen the application of technology in sales and customer care.

Digital transformation at Daikin Vietnam plays a very important role in implementing the above method. Since 2019, Nexlab Technology has been honored to be trusted and selected by Daikin Vietnam as a unit to accompany Daikin on the path of digitalizing the ecosystem for the company. With their management team, we have given life to a super application, improving internal management efficiency, while establishing a platform to serve end-users like the Uber for X model.

In the context of the pandemic constantly spreading, social distancing is a challenge that creates many obstacles for service providers in general. At this time, the stages have been easily resolved with the help of technology, as the developed Nexlab Technology application allows users to request air conditioner maintenance services through the application. The effectiveness of the product is confirmed by the satisfaction of customers as well as employees of Daikin Vietnam.

Ms. Ly Thi Phuong Trang, General Director of Daikin Vietnam shared with VNExpress:

"In fact, since 2019, we have prepared steps for digital transformation. Daikin Vietnam has also equipped an internal ERP management system since 2011, helping me make business decisions based on more and more accurate and appropriate actual data to the situation of the business, which would be difficult to predict without ERP.
We also launched a customer care application, which was introduced to the market in April 2020. In the context of social distancing in April, this application allows users to request air conditioner maintenance services anytime, anywhere, and be served quickly. Engineers are also fully equipped with portable tools so they do not have to go to the company but can go directly to customers' homes to ensure continuity, speed, convenience, and safety of services. This application has helped us escape from the overload of service activities in May, the peak sales and customer care period."

Impressive Achievements of Nexlab Technology in collaboration with Daikin Vietnam:

  • Complete digitalization of the entire ecosystem
  • Over 50,000 new customers in Vietnam
  • Over 70,000 service orders
  • A perfect digitalization model, with centralized management for all departments
  • Process for a data life cycle from the factory to the sales and service departments
  • Transparent data
  • Effective marketing features and campaigns
  • Mobile and web applications directly connected to Daikin globally
  • Improved efficiency, increased profits, and reduced labor risks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) network system connecting all Daikin devices

Through continued collaboration with Daikin Vietnam, Nexlab Technology is confident in delivering the best experiences to both Daikin Vietnam's employees and customers.

Credit: VNExpress

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