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PhotoFlow allows people to create their own video slide-show with music, video is created by photos from Gallery.


  • Photo processing
  • API Upload to Vine is not popular
  • Render video from photos, optimize rendering time


Mix your photos & music like never before. Especially, upload your slide show movie to Vine directly

Web Portal

We do not implement Web Portal for PhotoFlow

Mobile Applications

It's like making a baby music-video-slide-show of you, or food, or sunsets, or tiny animals, or all of the above. All you gotta do is tap to the beat. PhotoFlow gives you 3 kinds of duration for your movie: Vine, Instagram, and Custom (maximum 120s).

There are 4 steps for creating a slide show movie from your photos and posting to Vine, and Facebook:

1. Choose your photos from your photo gallery

2. Pick the duration

3. Add music

4. Preview & share your slide show movie to social networks

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