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OS-Telehealth is a platform that connects patients with comprehensive medical services, helping patients to access modern healthcare at a reasonable cost, in the fastest time.


  • The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic led to an overload of the health system across the country.
  • Medical examination and treatment of Covid-19 demand has increased sharply
  • Build an online system connecting patients and volunteer medical staff
  • Build an online personal health record management platform (PHR)
  • Develop a mechanism to manage and operate the remote examination process
  • Perfecting products to meet actual needs in a short time


  • Successfully launch products during the quarantine period in the middle of the pandemic
  • Connect a strong team of domestic and foreign doctors with patients who have medical examination and treatment needs but cannot access the public medical examination and treatment system during the pandemic
  • Successfully receive and support thousands of cases, saving many patients' lives
  • Successfully develop the process of receiving medical examination and treatment remotely, contributing to repelling the pandemic during the difficult period of the health sector

Web Portal

System management page, internal operation for medical team with unified software platform and standardized data:

  • Users management
  • Electronic medical records
  • Medical examination management
  • Prescriptions management
  • Test orders management
  • Work schedule management
  • System
  • News

Mobile Applications

Mobile application for patients

  • Account management
  • Medical examination request
  • Electronic medical records management
  • Prescriptions and test orders follow up
  • Medical status update
  • News and announcements

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