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GPDQ is an outsourcing project for the UK customer. GPDQ is a medical and health care service, this is a digital place for patients to find a doctor or book medical services. GPDQ let you book a face to face visit with a qualified GP in seconds using your smartphone.


  • Real time interaction between patient and doctor
  • Location processing
  • Map processing


With this, you no longer have to book time off work for your next doctor’s appointment and can avoid the inconvenience of taking your children to the surgery.

Web Portal

We do not implement Web Portal for GPDQ

Mobile Applications

  • Open the app, enter your location and we’ll find the nearest GP to you
  • Once you’ve requested an appointment, our geolocation tracking will show your doctor’s progress and ETA
  • Your doctor visits, diagnoses and can arrange any further treatment you may require
  • After your appointment, you can rate your GP and provide feedback
  • Payment is taken automatically after your visit by debit/credit card
  • Get healthcare at your convenience, with appointments starting from £120 for up to 25 minutes, including referrals or sick notes. There are no hidden fees - you only pay for the time taken.

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