GCO Web Builder

GCO Web Builder

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"Global connection, Trust for business" is the guideline for GCO GROUP that had been born and developed firmly.


  • The cost of building an e-commerce page is high
  • Requires a professional team to complete the product
  • Customers need to build many e-commerce pages in a short period of time
  • Build a tool that allows non-professional users to easily create e-commerce pages as desired


  • Successfully develop a tool that allows users to easily create e-commerce pages without requiring design and programming expertise
  • Save development time and costs

Web Portal

  • System settings and configurations management
  • User account management
  • Authorization management
  • Website management (domain management and interface setup for the website)
  • Content page management
  • Blog management
  • Menu management
  • Editing tool for website templates
  • Creating templates for web pages

Mobile Applications


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