CMA Singapore

CMA Singapore

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CMA is the leader of Abacus Mental Arithmetic in Singapore. Nexlab has successfully developed games and interactive programs based on mental arithmetic learning for CMA.


  • Lack of E-documents
  • Operational procedures depend on paper documents
  • Lack of games and interactive programs to help students self-study at home
  • Instructors have to manually create exams, which takes a lot of time
  • Lack of online payment methods for the educational program


  • Successfully develop games and interactive programs based on mental arithmetic learning
  • Build an automated question bank and exam system
  • Provide flexible online payment methods
  • Upgrade the management process of the educational program, with a visually appealing and user-friendly class management system
  • Provide multiple learning options for students who want to self-study at home

Web Portal

  • Manage students and instructors
  • Manage training programs and courses
  • Manage classes and exams
  • Manage question banks and exams
  • Manage payments
  • Manage certificate systems
  • Statistics, reporting, data updating
  • Manage system configuration data chain

Mobile Applications


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