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CardLine is the right app for business communication and social interaction. It perfectly fits salespeople, entrepreneurs, business developers, and marketing specialists. Users are able to manage their own profile and friend contacts easily, chat with friends, and find new potential business patterns


  • Real time chat, real time timeline
  • High performance
  • Video/photo processing


Build an outstanding platform for businessmen's interaction

Web Portal

We do not implement Web Portal for CardLine

Mobile Applications

  • Setup your profile and working experience, so that potential business partners can find you
  • Build your own digital name cards with various beautiful templates
  • Scan and store name cards of your friends and manage them easily
  • Exchange digital name cards when you meet new friends
  • Search users online to find more business partners and potential opportunities
  • Manage all the contacts and name cards easily, advanced searching functionalities, filter via industries and countries
  • Get instance updates about your friends’ contact info and working experience

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