With Vetera, you can rely on the most comprehensive software for your veterinary practice, veterinary clinic or university. Digitize your practice management now. Ensure more efficiency, future security and profitability.


  • The demand for pet care in developed countries is increasing, but there are not many choices of management software for this market share
  • Handle country-specific requests for local experience, culture and laws
  • Upgrade the software system developed from the early 2012 to mobile and cloud computing platforms to meet the increasing needs of customers


  • Development of medical examination and treatment management software used for more than 2000 veterinary clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland...
  • Integrate with third-party applications to diversify the appointment booking channel via mobile applications, and web portal in parallel with traditional appointment scheduling at the counter or via the call center
  • Integrate most of the payment channels widely used in Europe
  • Build a flexible reporting system with customer needs, customers can actively build newspaper templates right on the software
  • Build a flexible reminder system via Email and SMS
  • Link with testing laboratories to create a closed process to process and receive results automatically. At the same time, the system also builds a direct connection to the laboratory machines to read the results automatically

Web Portal

  • Build a new customer registration portal at the clinic to help customers proactively provide information to the clinic to save waiting time for support staff

Mobile Applications

  • Customer management
  • Pets management
  • Medical examination and treatment schedule management
  • Prescriptions management
  • Documents, medical examination and treatment results management
  • Invoices and payment history management
  • Reports management
  • Inventory and drug list management
  • Testing equipment and machines, analyzers management