Giup Viec Nha (GVN) is a marketplace platform connecting urban families with maids and other chore-associated service providers. While expanding into the B2B office market in 2017, we went on the infamous Shark Tank Vietnam season 1.


  • Address the needs of the housing market in Ho Chi Minh City, with a population of more than 10 million people
  • Set up the system for easier new services expandation
  • Solve the problem of managing employee's income, enterprise's revenue, service price
  • Expand the market to nationwide scale
  • Coordinate chores and connect other partners


  • Make it easier for families which don’t have much time on housework, cleaning or repairing appliances or don’t know where to find service providers
  • Create a marketplace platform connecting home service providers to urban families in need
  • Build a digitalization system to easily expand services
  • Successfully deploy new services: Air Conditioner repair and maintenance service, insecticide service
  • Create a centralized data management system for service providers, employees, and platforms
  • Modularized system to easily scale up market

Web Portal

We do not implement Web Portal for Giup Viec Nha

Mobile Applications

This app provide the following features:

  • Customer can choose service type and request a booking
  • Service providers will receive the request, accept and proceed the booking
  • Customer can rate the staff for service quality
  • Customer and Administrator can view staff profile and track staff’s activity
  • Customer can view booking history, cancel booking
  • Administrator can manage customers, staffs, bookings
  • Administrator can manage finance and reporting