Daikin is the global No.1 air conditioning manufacturer. We help Daikin to digitalize their whole ecosystem (warehouse, sale/ business, service).


  • Get rid of the current old-school, manual process with lots of paper works
  • Revolutionize fragmented, unfocused partner network of Daikin
  • Build a focused, linked data system throughout the product's lifecycle
  • Build a system that updates real-time specification, reports from all participants
  • Create effective sale campaign and boost service sales
  • Build Daikin's smart device management and connection system
  • Link global Daikin's production, sales and after-sales distribution channels
  • Create a consistent and unified management system for Daikin Global


Alongside their management team, we help breathe life to a super ecosystem which ensures operation need and also acts as an on-demand aggregator serving end-users.

  • A successful digital transformation for whole ecosystem
  • Attract 50,000 new customers in Vietnam
  • 70,000 service orders
  • Run the whole operation system smoothly with transparent procedures and workflow
  • Build a complete, centrally-managed digital model for technician, technical partner through mobile app and web portal
  • Build a complete, centrally-managed digital model for seller, dealer through mobile app and web portal
  • Digitize, create process for data life cycle from factory, sale, service
  • Build data transparency for KPI system so that managers can rely on it to evaluate employees' performances
  • Build features to run marketing, business campaigns
  • Build mobile apps, web apps directly connected with Daikin global
  • Improve productivity, increase profits, and reduce human risks  
  • Successfully build IOT system for Daikin

Web Portal

An interaction portal for Daikin's internal system, managing all users, parties on the same unified software platform, with transparency and data standardization:

  • Administration
  • Sale
  • Warehouse
  • Marketing
  • Technical Station
  • Technical Partners
  • Call center

Mobile Applications

Application for Personal/ Business Customer:

  • Request Daikin service for repair and maintenance via online application
  • Use your location to find a technician who can quickly and reliably meet your requirements.
  • You will see the identification image and the technical evaluation criteria of the technician
  • Detailed information about test results and service receipt are provided and sent to your email.
  • After using the service, you can rate and give feedback to Daikin to improve the service quality.

Application for Technician:

  • Technicians can actively receive warranty, repair and maintenance service requests for DAIKIN services
  • Easily track and check service requests on the application
  • Display the location and route of the technician to the customer
  • Support technician to diagnose the fault, the cause of damage based on the phenomenon of the machine
  • Supplying equipment information, components details, technical drawings
  • Preferential policies and training support from DAIKIN VIETNAM for technicians

Application for Administration

Application for Smarthome Devices

Application for Warehouse