Best Options for You

Best Usability

Our experts help clients specify, plan, deploy, manage and optimize technology ecosystems

Bespoke Services

We are the trustful answer for enterprises that are inclining towards digital era

Sharp Domain

The trending transformation needs are covered under intelligent AI-Chatbots, connected world of IoT

Product Design & Development

MVP, full product cycle, or segmented development, we’ve got your back. Our startup mindset and builder experience match a wide range of demand and budget.

Maintenance and Upgrade

2nd opinion, repolishing, or timely repair and iteration? Since we’ve been through your pain, we’d love to help.

General Consulting

Our experience with both startups and enterprises will envisualize your dream infrastructure for decades. Let’s talk!

Enterprise Services

Tailored Consulting

Sometimes even leaders face challenges and cannot tell. For years, our concierge consulting has been proven invaluable to several organizations.

Offshore Development

When price/performance ratio and total cost of ownership (TCO) are critical, we strike to deliver the best market value with utmost competence.

Customized Software Solution

We view technology like an ever changing stream, where we must adapt and revise our process constantly to not only meet strict demands, but also to embrace world-class, state-of-the-art techniques.

Domain Expertises

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation plays a big part in helping to accelerate an organization's business growth. Our dedicated team with innovative thinking and outstanding skills can help to transform your traditional business process into a digital one effectively. Transforming business models brings a better experience for your customer and will retain them

Enterprise Business Solution

Advanced business solutions are needed for the growth and development of an enterprise. Nexlab has diverse and flexible engagement models, strong expertise in sectors such as B2C, Banking & Finance, E-Commerce, HRM, Government, Healthcare, Education, Construction,… Our solutions are leveraging the business flow, making it efficient, simple to use, easy to understand for our customers


Mobile apps seem to have invaded every sphere of our life and business, hence a perfect and precise mobility solution is strongly needed for an enterprise. Nexlab's solid expertise in mobile app development will give a rich user interface with platform independence, seamless experiences on any device, and get the best of mobile technology for your business

UI/ UX Research

A good user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) services, is the core need of every platform to deliver a meaningful and relevant end-user experience. Nexlab provides a perfect user-centric design approach to every product. With a user-friendly, easy to interact platform, your brand publicity will increase rapidly

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is very important for an enterprise. Thorough analyses yield in developing a deeper understanding of the implications and making a critical decision. Our expert business analytics consultants' creative analysis can bring a better and more effective operation for your company

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, any items, service can be searched and bought online with a lot of competitors. For better engagement, our amazing teams are ready to help. Our good digital marketing services will increase your brand ranking, web traffic, and conversion rate

Our Methods


IOS Native (Swift, Objective-C), Android Native (Java, Kotlin), React Native (Javascript), Flutter (Dart)


ReactJs, AngularJs, Vue.js, Progressive Web App, HTML/Javascript/SCSS, EmberJsWeb


NodeJs, .NET, .NET Core, Go, Hasura, GraphQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ExpressJs, HAPI, PHP, Java, Python, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

System & Cloud

AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Viettel Cloud, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure