Toan Nguyen

November 6, 2020

Our Agi-fall process includes 6 stages in a non-translational model. Using the Agi-fall process, we can prepare for unfriendly variables and harness the intuition toward successful products.

Our Agifall Process
Our Agifall Process

Meet: Gather all project’s requirements to fully understand the demands and goals of customers. With the provided information, the project's scope, cost, resources, technologies are defined clearly. 

Plan: Technical consultants and project managers will brainstorm ideas to come up with the most suitable, effective plan for the project. 

Design: Project Manager and design team will work closely together to map and sketch out everything then pick important areas to focus. Then decisions are made and all ideas are turned into a testable hypothesis. Stakeholders are constantly updated to make sure everything is well confirmed. 

Develop: With the agreed plan and timeline, our engineers will keep track and frequently follow the progress closely to fix all the risks and issues during development, if any.

Test: Quality assurance is a very important step, which has been done since the start. We find and fix every single bug found to ensure the best experience for users. 

Transition: Transit a verified and validated end product that has been generated by product implementation to the intended end user, with all required documentation.